Monday, December 10, 2007

An Advertisement on a Newspaper Machine

Walking on a sidewalk, a man sees an advertisement on a newspaper machine. He reads out loud to himself, brandishing total disregard for passerbys, and pedestrians. He mouthed the words out loud: "We have it and the others don't." It was a TV Guide ad. He wanted what they had. Even though he didn't watch TV, didn't even own one, this man was very susceptible to suggestion at this time. He wasn't going to actually purchase this particular paper, but he still read it aloud to hims. He had been chattering off in his mind, and reading about early 19th century russians earlier. He wasn't really sure what it was that 'they' had, but he wanted it. He wasn't about to give his money to the 'others'. He was not a rich man. But he told himself why he wasn't going to give his money to the 'others', "they don't have it". Poor suckers. More thoughts sphered around in his head, "I won't slip on this ice, I won't give my money to the others, and why? because the others don't have it. We have it and they don't, I'll give my money to them, and not the others. He wore his slippers in the street. Many people would laugh to themselves thinking there was something wrong with him. But he wore his slippers because they were the first thing he put on his feet on the way out of his second floor apartment. He would not waste his time changing his foot wear. He was to walk up the street for his coffee and newspaper in his slippers. He would not waste his time removing his native slippers, fastening his black tennis shoes, buying his coffee and paper, then un fastening his black tennis shoes again. He sat in his sunroom. His mind was running with connected and fleeting thoughts: I'm surrounded by traffic. I grew up close to traffic. I lived in the suburbs as a child on a frontage road. I envied the sound barrier wall they intalled after I moved away. But why is there so much traffic? Where are these trafficers going? Is this a term I can use, Trafficers? They talk on there cell phones. What are they saying? I wonder if they talk about there cell phones? How many people are talking on there cell phones about there cell phones in their cars in traffic? They spoil my morning.

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