Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Afternoon Jan. 2. 2008

Steve Miller Band plays and sings on the radio as I pass: "Abbra Abbra Cadabra, I want to reach out and grab ya."

I am flush with creativity. It has been so long since I have felt this. It is powerful. I am questioning the correlation between this wash of creativity and the lack of prozac I've been taking. It is on that generic($5 @ target for complete bland numbness) which I experience lower highs and higher lows. I wonder about my original nature, the one before I was prescribed anti-depressants( @ the rosy young age of 13).

I read in the Wall Street Journal: "record numbers of voters are choosing to declare themselves politically independent."

Ray Suarez said something to this extent, we want the garbage men to take out the garbage, we want our street sweepers to sweep the streets.

I believe there are a majority of Independents in this country. They have just not come out of the closet, because of all the noise(contributions, op-eds, tv networks, cnn, fox). But now these indies are coming out, because nothing is getting done and our government is not working for the people.

I'd argue that these Indies are not being heard by the parties, because Indies are reasonable and don't see the world in Red and Blue. I'd argue that Indies aren't being heard because reasonable people don't yell and scream. Reasonable, thoughful people do not succumb to the noise that the wedge issues cause.

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