Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am desperate for a new job. I read about rising food prices, barrels of oil, commodities, all getting more expensive. The money in my pocket is not worth what it once was. I'm on the cusp. I met a newspaper man, a meeting set up through a relative. Something like 90% of people are hired through networking. He was a sales guy, told me he just kind of did it because thats what his father did. He was dressed real neat, black rimmed glasses, black coat, expensive shoes. I asked him questions about journalism, and he talked about sales, and terms specific to printing papers. I went home extremely disappointed. I caught a quick glimpse of him slipping out of his fake smile as he noticed a cat hair on my shirt. I went home and applied for 4 different positions online. I got a call back that afternoon, and set up an interview.
I woke up this morning, put on the "neat" seiko watch my Dad lent me, "thats the one people always comment on." We went to Target and bought their Khaki's for $12, a belt for $15, and shined up my dock shoes, or whatever their called. The pants were probably made in Asia, from what I understand, much of the textile industry has moved overseas. Drove to the suburbs to the non-descrip office building. The rear wheel tire of my mid-90's Japanese car is low, its been low for awhile now, it has a nail in it, I just put air in it every few days. I pull in to the parking lot. Inside, everyone that passes me is in jeans and sweatshirts, the receptionist tells me that its casual day. I spend 25 minutes filling out the application. Drivers license? yep. Leagal? Yep. Felonies? Nope. Fired? Nope. Do you agree to release all sense of privacy so we can send all of this information to consumer reporting agency? Sure! Do you mind if we give all of this information to the government? Sure, go ahead.

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