Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm Deleting my pictures off of facebook, deleting my account. I feel ripped off, but it feels good to do it. I'm receiving much satisfaction from this removal of my face from the book. I've copied the important information, and I may or may not write some letters. An old Autechre song is playing, i'm falling into it again. Its redundant, repeating, sounds like someone is walking around in circles, big circles, but not large ones, and everytime the circlewalker gets to the spot where they started, they sound a horn. The song ends in a long wash of brown noise, yes, brown noise, its similar to white noise, just filtered differently. Its a different color. After the brown noise abpruptly stops, organic sythetic steel drum phrases. Now I've never taken heroin, but i wouldn't be surpriesed if these bell sounds that this Manchester duo devised, were soaked in a long bath of heroin. And when I say a long bath...you know, scratch that, this keyboard line has been smoking some really really dirty opium, really. Its now puddling on the floor, dripping, thinking of its few childhood memories, remarkably desperate at this point.

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Rin said...

You are lyrical, poetic.